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Maier Centre for Autism Services


The Maier Centre is the first of its kind in Edmonton: a full-service treatment centre where children and families can acquire the skills they need to live – and thrive – with autism.

The facility accommodates large or small group and individual treatment options. Every treatment area has an observation room where parents and others can observe and learn techniques from therapists. The centre is also used as a teaching facility.

The large, multipurpose gym hosts activities and cooperative games for children and can be used for presentations. Other active spaces include a specialized outdoor playground, a sensory motor room, and a fitness centre.

A great article to read about The Maier Centre in Resource magazine.

A Focus on Skill-based Learning

Although home visits are still an important part of our program, for the first time in Edmonton, a clinical team is now working together in a comprehensive, specialized environment designed to enable children to focus on the skill-based learning they require.

  • Sessions can be one-on-one or small groups
  • Rooms are designed to be distraction-free and environmentally conducive to learning
  • Observation rooms allow others to observe and learn without becoming a distraction
  • Respite care is available for parents and caregivers
  • Peer support is available as families can meet and connect in the family lounge
  • A variety of group programs are offered (e.g. social groups, cooking groups, etc…)
  • Workshops are available to the community 3-4 times per month

A Distraction Free Environment

The Maier Centre’s design eliminates sensory and other distractions and uses colour to help the children focus. Some modifications include:

  • staff member and child in kitchenAcoustics: flooring and acoustic panels that absorb sound, insulated mechanical and electrical systems
  • Lighting: specialized lighting that provides indirect and muted light without the hum or flicker of traditional fluorescent lighting
  • Chemical-free environment: VOC-free paint, environmentally friendly carpet products, formaldehyde-free millwork, and a scent-free environment
  • Colour: specific colours to improve focus and concentration, stimulate those who are withdrawn, and add or calm energy depending on the nature of the room.


Therapyware, a local retailer of useful therapeutic products sought after by families, has  opened a store at the centre. Therapyware was established to support Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton. 

therapyware logo and products

Community Access to the Centre

The autism community as a whole is welcome to take advantage of the centre, its meeting and classroom spaces, the gym and the Safeway Family Lounge. The Maier Centre invites the Edmonton community to rent the facility for community gatherings and organized activities.


Supplier and Subtrade Support

Construction of The Maier Centre for Autism Services was completed in February 2012! Synergy Projects and A&E Architects worked hard to complete this state of the art facility on time and on budget. So far, the following suppliers and subtrades have supported the project with donations of funds, materials or services. We appreciate their generous support.






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