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Our Programs


Maier Centre Workshops & Programs

We are pleased to share our Workshop Calendar for the 2015-16 year.


Specialized Services

The goals of specialized services are:

    children at play
  • to help families learn how to incorporate strategies into everyday routines
  • to provide families with supports and resources to promote their child’s functional skills
  • to enhance a family’s competence and confidence in addressing challenges

Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton uses a family-centered approach based on the research-based SCERTS™ model that emphasizes the core challenges and unique learning styles of children with autism:

  • (SC) Social Communication: the development and use of functional, spontaneous communication
  • (ER) Emotional Regulation: the ability to maintain a well regulated state
  • (TS) Transactional Support: the implementation of supports and strategies in response to the child’s needs and interests

The SCERTS model engages and relies on parents who are the primary agents of change and who are able to have the most meaningful and long-term impact.

Our Team Members

Our staff works together as a transdisciplinary team, with every member contributing to provide a consistent integrated approach across the disciplines. Team members may include:

    staff member and child with blocks

Primary Consultants

  • coordinate home progams and services
  • support families through problem-solving, guided practice, video review and coaching

Clinical Consultants:

  • SLP – Speech and Language Pathologist consult on meaningful and functional communication
  • OT – Occupational Therapists support self-help skills such as dressing, personal hygiene, toileting, feeding and self-regulation
  • Psychologists and Behaviour Consultants provide behaviour and regulation strategies and supports at home and in the community

 Early Education Consultants:

  • coordinate Early Childhood Services in community pre-schools and at the Maier Centre
  • support community programs to integrate strategies that support inclusion

Educational Assistants:

  • support children in community pre-schools or at the Maier Centre
  • implement IPP goals and strategies in the educational settings


Visits with consultants can occir in the home, the Maier Centre and/or in the community to enable families to focus on the skills they require in the setting that best meets the needs of the child and family. Specialized Services are available for all children who are eligible through FSCD, including children with other developmental disorders or delays such as Down syndrome, Fragile X, Global Developmental Delay, Severe Communication and Behaviour Disorder, and others.

Early Childhood Services (ECS)


Early educational programming is provided for children between the ages of 2 ½ and 6, who have been diagnosed with a severe disability (including severe communication delay or behaviour challenges.) A diagnosis of autism is not required to access services.

Community Programming

Children are supported in an inclusive community preschool or daycare by an educational aide, and receive school and home consultation visits from a transdisciplinary team which may include a certified teacher, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist and behaviour consultant. The team develops an individual program plan (IPP) focusing on developmentally appropriate individualized goals to meet the child’s unique needs. Children are fully integrated and supported to ensure their full participation, independence and success.

The Maier Centre Preschool

Children attend the preschool program at the Maier Centre five days a week and are supported by a certified teacher and educational aides. An occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, and behaviour consultant support classroom learning strategies using the SCERTS framework. The classroom program and environment are adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. Children have access to a sensory room with specialized equipment and activities which is designed to help them calm and regulate. Other amenities include a gym and a secured playground area with specialized playground equipment designed to encourage interaction, motor development and sensory exploration.


Early Social Interactions Program (ESI)

A family-centered, individualized approach for children 0 – 3 years old, this program focuses on early social interaction skills, family and peer interaction, and functional play skills. The program uses the SCERTS framework as described above. The goal of programming is to increase the caregiver’s knowledge of effective strategies for very young children with autism.

With family participation as our main focus, clinicians build family confidence through problem-solving, guided practice, video review, explanation and reflection. Clinicians guide the family by focusing on the value of learning in day-to-day activities such as hand washing, diapering, bathing, dressing and mealtimes, to encourage the family to be actively engaged with their child across a variety of settings.


Respite and Community Aide


A family support service that provides temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands that come with caring for a child with Autism and/or other developmental disorders. Respite allows caregivers planned relief. Our trained staff of Respite Workers provide support with activities of dailing living, behavioural support, and opportunities for meaningful engagement

  • All Respite Workers are required to have a criminal records check, child welfare check, First Aid and level-C CPR before commenceing work.

Please contact our respite coordinator at (780) 495-9235 or by email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

Centre Based Respite

Centre based respite provides the opportunity for children to access respite at the Maier Centre for Autism Service. Children recieving respite at the Maier Centre will have access to our large multipurpose gym, specialized outdoor playground, sensory room, daily living skills area and other therapeutic play spaces. The unique environment at the Maier Centre was designed to address the various sensory preferences of individuals affected by Autism. Respite at the Maier Centre also offers opportunities for your child to engage in supported social interactions with other children who are accessing one of our many programs.

Community Aide

Community aides can be provided to ensure that children with autism and/or other developmental disorders have the support they require to participate in the community, leisure, and social activities. The primary goal of a community aide worker is to facilitate a child's participation in community activities where they would not otherwise be able to participate due to their individual challenges. A community aide worker facilitates a child's participation in activities in which parental support would not typically be expected, as well as in the community activities for which caregivers are present but require additional assistance to support the needs of their child.

Maier Centre Rental Opportunities

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Group Programs and Educational Opportunities

 the adapted sportball program-jan 2016



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