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Current Worskhops:

September 19, 2017-My Child Isn’t Talking Yet, What Should I Do?

Children learn to communicate through a variety of ways before they use words. Often parents are able to learn the subtle nuances of their child’s communication. This workshop explores methods to stimulate communication in young children. Along with a discussion on enhancing nonverbal communication strategies (e.g. gestures), visual communication systems (e.g. pictures, objects, etc) will be explored. This introductory workshop is intended for parents of children who are new to the world of nonverbal communication.


September 26, 2017-PlayTubs: Making Physical Activity Fun, Easy and Affordable!

Play and physical activity has numerous benefits for children including those associated with physical, social, and cognitive development. PlayTubs draw attention to these benefits by showcasing fun and easy ways to construct and enhance movement experiences for children. In this session, you will learn ways to help build your child’s movement vocabulary through using the familiar and affordable play and household items found in PlayTubs. The overall benefits of physical activity for children with autism spectrum disorders, and tips for parents and caregivers on how to foster activity will be discussed.


October 17, 2017-The Building Blocks of Regulation

Why does everyone keep talking about Emotional Regulation?  What does this term mean? This workshop explores the basics of Emotional Regulation and provides families and professionals with some ideas to try to help their child stay calm and happy throughout their day.


October 24, 2017-Counting Sheep, and Better Sleep

Having a child who is not sleeping well can be very hard for the whole family!  This session will cover information about common sleep issues for children of all ages who have ASD. Learn how to set expectations for sleep, and strategies to help your child sleep better.  Come to this session and find out how to help everyone get a better night’s sleep!


November 7, 2017-Building Engagement for Communication and Connecting to Your Child’s World

Parents sometimes feel like their child is in their own world or is just not interested in many toys or activities. In some cases, children may seem disinterested in people, instead choosing to play by themselves, and may even become upset if someone touches the toys they are playing with. This workshop aims to provide parents and professionals with information and strategies as a starting point to help a child with ASD learn that people can be fun too!


November 21, 2017-He’s Such A Picky Eater!

Having a child who is very picky about the food they eat can be challenging and frustrating for any parent. This workshop discusses the theory behind limited food repertoires for children of all ages, and explores strategies to implement food exploration at home with the ultimate goal of expanding a child’s food repertoire.


November 28, 2017-Why is He Doing That?!  Riding the Roller Coaster of Regulation

At times, children with ASD may engage in activities or behaviours that are distracting or even harmful to themselves or others. This workshop explores Emotional Regulation and its effect on a persons behaviour. Participants will look at some specific approaches to help children understand their own regulation and strategies to help the child remain calm and ready to learn!


December 12, 2017-Preparing for the Holidays and Big Changes to Routine

For many families, the stress of the holidays can be significant when big changes to routine are added (e.g. school-aged child is now home for two weeks). Particularly for children who struggle with transitions, getting into a new routine over the holidays can be a challenge. In addition, some families travel for the holidays or have family stay with them, which can sometimes lead to alternative sleeping arrangements. This workshop will explore preparing children for holidays, to reduce anxiety for both children and their parents.


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