Our Team Members

Primary Consultants

  • coordinate home programs and services
  • support families through problem-solving, guided practice, video review and coaching

Early Education Consultants

  • coordinate Early Childhood Services in community pre-schools and at the Maier Centre
  • support community programs to integrate strategies that support inclusion

Educational Assistants:

  • support children in community pre-schools or at the Maier Centre
  • implement IPP goals and strategies in an educational setting



  • support children and Educational Assistants at the Maier Centre
  • implement IPP goals in an educational setting

Respite Workers

  • provide temporary relief for parents and caregivers
  • provide care and supervision to children in the home, in community settings and at the Maier Centre

Clinical Consultants:

SLP – Speech and Language Pathologist consult on meaningful and functional communication


OT – Occupational Therapists support self-help skills such as dressing, personal hygiene, toileting, feeding and self-regulation


Psychologists and Behaviour Consultants provide behaviour and regulation strategies and supports at home and in the community


Our Coordinators

Sue Mitchell
Clinical Coordinator

Candice Quinlan
Primary Consultant Coordinator

Shawna Murray
Primary Consultant Coordinator

Corinne Didrickson
Early Education Coordinator


BreAnne Smith
Respite Coordinator


Trent Androschuk
Operations Coordinator


Our Executive Director

Terri Duncan