Children’s Autism 9th Annual Conference:

Conference Sessions Online (72 hour access)


Half Day Speakers


CAROL GRAY – Not your mother’s social stories:  Video and audio $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

It is well-documented by research and practice that individuals with autism have difficulty “reading” and responding to the dynamic multitude of social events and variables that surround them each day.  Since 1990, *Social Stories have unraveled the confusion by providing parents and professionals with a method to effectively share information with those in their care. The surprising discovery is that parents and professionals have been learning at the same time, whether through the first-hand experience of developing and implementing a Story or formal research.  The result is a dynamic instructional tool that keeps pace – and at times forges the trail – for Story authors and audiences alike. This presentation uses lecture, demonstration, and audience participation to explore the common threads of Social Stories yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and the new developments that make it apparent that they are Not Your Mother’s Social Stories anymore. *additional handouts will be provided for those who register

RAELENE FINLAYSON – Inclusion in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Video and audio – $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

 Raelene has always believed children learn best when surrounded by their peers and community within inclusive settings. She combines her passions of Early Childhood and inclusive education in her day to day interactions with colleagues, community members, and children. Rae believes that research in early childhood demonstrates that the early years are too important not to continue to improve and ensure that we do the very best we can for all of today’s children. Raelene will share some of her key learnings, reflections and wonders as we move toward a better early learning system in Alberta while ensuring that we value the unique gifts every child brings to their classroom and community.

DR. VERONICA SMITH & MICHELLE JOHNSTONMindfulness in Autism:  Audio and slides only – $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

 Emerging research provides evidence that mindfulness practices can be used with children and youth and with autism and their families, especially for those who experience difficulties in self regulation or anxiety such that it prevents full participation at school and in the community. Dr. Smith and her colleague, Ms. Michelle Johnston will describe mindfulness practices that may result in behavioural, emotional and biological benefits and provide practice experience opportunities so that participants can experience the benefits on mindfulness practices first hand.

CAROLE ANNE HAPCHYN – Holistic Assessment and Intervention in ASD and Mental Health:  Audio and slides only – $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

Completing a holistic assessment that can guide intervention in complex clinical situations in which there are co-morbid developmental and mental health concerns is challenging. The Neurorelational Framework (NRF) will be highlighted. Visual tools which explain brain development and function to parents and clinicians and which also help define the child’s and parent’s strengths and challenges will be demonstrated. A case presentation will be reviewed to support interactive learning of the participants and will demonstrate how the NRF helps caregivers and clinicians understand dynamic brain functioning which guides evidence-based interventions and trauma-informed care.

STEPHANIE MITELMAN – Growing up with an ASD: Audio and slides only $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

(**WARNING:  the audio is VERY low on this session and varies throughout the session. You will need to adjust your volume)

This training is specific to the needs of parents, teachers, nurses, front line workers and families who work or live with individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. Stephanie will discuss the range of changes associated to growing up: puberty, hygiene, and emerging sexuality. Stephanie will provide practical strategies to teach safety and healthy relationships to this population. This training offers an overview of ASD and how it relates to social and sexual changes while growing, from puberty through adolescence. This is an introductory level session.

TERRI DUNCAN & KELSEY PENNEY – CLASSROOM STRATEGIES 101 WORKSHOP:  Video and audio $25 attendees $50 non-attendees

This is an introductory session for those with very little background in working with children with autism.  Learning how to manage classroom challenges when working with children with autism is important to educators and parents. This session will provide detailed and innovative ways to support children with autism in the classroom. You will learn tools and ideas to manage behaviour and help children stay focussed and ready to learn. You will also come away with practical strategies you can implement right away in the classroom. If you are looking for a “how to” session on the BASICS, this is it.

Full Day Speakers

Carol Gray: Video and audio $40 attendees $75 non-attendees

Social Stories™* are a very popular evidence based instructional strategy used worldwide with people with autism and other social communication disorders. They are a wonderful ‘go to’ intervention for a infinite variety of purposes.  Unfortunately, they are frequently misused and misunderstood – resulting in stories… but definitely not Social Stories.  Using lecture, discussion, demonstration, and a series of very short, fun, and informative activities, participants will learn how to develop a Social Story (or Social Article for adults) according to the current Social Stories 10.2 criteria.  Participants will leave understanding and knowing how to develop Social Stories.

*additional handouts will be provided for those who register

John Elder Robison: Audio and slides only $40 attendees $75 non-attendees

Robison’s books Look Me in the Eye, Be Different, and Raising Cubby are the most widely read accounts of life with Asperger’s in the world. His books have been translated into more than fifteen languages, and they are sold in 60+ countries. His newest book—Switched On: A Memoir of Brain Change and Emotional Awakening— was published in March 2016. Robison has also authored or contributed to over 100 autism-related articles.

DR. Robin McWilliam: Audio and slides only $40 attendees $75 non-attendees

The best way to ensure children with ASD and other disabilities receive enough intervention, the most relevant intervention and the timeliest intervention is to embed it in everyday routines, in the home, in the classroom, and in the community. This workshop will give participants tools for trying out Routine-Based Interviews and use collaborative consultation to work together as a team.